What EcoProfit Does

Who is EcoProfit?

EcoProfit is a leader in the climate risk and carbon management industry. We are situated in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Our purpose is to provide leadership and strategy to address climate risk and develop opportunities towards a new low emissions economy.

Ecoprofit conducts its own net zero certification. This involves the acquisition of reputable offsets, with $1 from the purchase of each offset donated to Sunshine Project for Community, our associated registered charity. Sunshine Project develops local community projects that build climate resilience and help the ecology.

Ecoprofit are certified consultants under Australia’s climate active program. Therefore we can make your organisation carbon neutral under the Australian Federal Government Climate Active program.

EcoProfit is a general account holder with VERRA offset standard and is certified to develop carbon offset projects and purchase and retire carbon offsets on behalf of third parties.

Why Choose EcoProfit?

The carbon industry is growing exponentially as climate-related financial disclosure and net-zero target setting accelerates throughout the commercial sector.

Lagging behind is the development of education that simplifies, for management, the processes needed to address climate risk and to identify new carbon-related business opportunities.

EcoProfit provides this education, from basic principle awareness, to strategy development, through to carbon program implementation.

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