Embrace technology to improve your business operation whilst assisting the ecology

What we do at Ecoprofit

We formed Ecoprofit to assist clients to adapt to and mitigate against climate change.

The word ecoprofit was created to describe the approach we take. That is, to help clients to eliminate their impact on the ecology whilst increasing their business return. A profit-profit scenario.

Our focus is to make organisations (and households) carbon neutral. It is in this process that we are able to show clients how to reduce their carbon footprint, energy consumption, waste and climate risk.

We identify energy efficiency and renewable upgrade options, calculate the ROIs and project manage selected options. To defray capital costs, we procure Energy Savings Certificates where appropriate.

We have an education component for staff, householders, students and others.

For each carbon offset sale, Ecoprofit donates $1 to its not-for-profit arm, Sunshine Project for Community Inc. The Sunshine Project is dedicated to funding energy efficiency and renewables projects for local Australian community not-for-profit organisations. click here for more information

Ecoprofit’s Purpose

We are living at a pivotal time in the relatively short history of human beings. The earth’s resources are being used up faster than they can be regenerated. Waste is increasing exponentially and spreading throughout global ecosystems. Runaway population growth, product exploitation and a societal keeping-up-with-the-joneses mentality is ramping up the pressure on the environment. However, with a common determination we can turn it around and live in harmony with mother nature.

There are many solutions that are not difficult to implement. Ecoprofit’s purpose is to show organisations and households how they can easily adopt new technology and scientific discovery to eliminate their detrimental impact on the environment and enhance and restore it.

Humans can minimize climate change impact. The ball is rolling and the earthly damage has been extensive. But, if humans are determined en masse they can achieve unbelievable things.

The link between population increase, increasing global affluence and environmental degradation is clear.

Ecoprofit has started a campaign that seeks to look for solutions to slow and stop that rolling ball. #letsfindsolutions

Buy Carbon Offsets Packages

Ecoprofit offers a number of alternative solutions for clients who wish to be carbon neutral or partially offset their carbon emissions.  Click on the options below for more details.

Buy Carbon Offsets

If you are travelling, or managing an event, or involved in any activity that generates carbon emissions, you can make that activity carbon neutral. All you need to work out is the total carbon emissions of that activity. We can show you how. Further, you may want to make a product or service carbon neutral. We can show you how to develop the carbon lifecycle for that product or service, calculate the carbon footprint and move to carbon neutrality. Please select from the carbon offset options below.