Our Carbon Offset Programs

Ecoprofit offers a number of alternative solutions for clients who wish to be carbon neutral (also referred to as net zero).

There has been much conjecture recently about the value of carbon offsetting with many arguing that it is akin to the use of indulgences to remove peoples’ souls from the eternity of hell. At Ecoprofit, we have a different perspective.

The fundamental formula to be carbon neutral is:

Carbon neutral = carbon footprint minus carbon offsets

Carbon emissions are measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide or its equivalent and make up the carbon footprint.

Carbon offsets are measured as tonnes of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere or tonnes of carbon emissions avoided as a direct result of buying those offsets.

The process of calculating your carbon footprint is necessary for organisations and individuals wanting to be carbon neutral. Its true benefit though, is how it reveals an organisation’s or individual’s impact on the environment. It also highlights the heavy emissions areas that should be addressed immediately with actions to make significant emission reductions.

This is probably the most important part of the process of becoming carbon neutral I.e. doing what you can now to minimize carbon emissions related to your own activities. Fortunately, many common actions towards this goal result in lower overheads (you save money) and if communicated properly, induce better staff morale and customer loyalty.

Once the carbon footprint is established, it is time to look at the type of offset that will be suitable for you to acquire in the quest to become carbon neutral.

The main things to look for here are:

  • Are the people or groups running the carbon offset program honest and reputable?
  • Does the offset program fit with your organisation’s operational profile?
  • Is additionality a key component of the offset program, or is it just a good business deal?
  • Is permanence a key component of the offset program e.g. if it is growing trees, how do I know they will last?