EcoProfit ‘s drone service is now available. The service is dedicated to helping people lessen environmental degradation and/or improve the environment.

Our drones can be used for many different purposes to assist clients.

The photo of the two human circles was taken recently at the Manyana Matters anniversary of the devastating fires that crashed through the district last year.

The drones are also handy for inspecting forest areas, possibly damaged by present or past fires. This includes assistance with injured wildlife. They can be used to identify afforestation or reforestation opportunities too.

For tree plantation or crop inspection, the drones make life very easy.

If you are looking to invest in rooftop solar, it is often helpful to have a recent and clear picture of the designated roof to highlight roof area condition and calculate roof area availability. Further, clients often want a before and after install shot.

The photos shown demonstrate the clarity and depth of our drone cameras.

Contact us if you have any enquiries about our drone services and would like a quote for a proposed project.