Understanding Carbon Neutral

What is and how to go carbon neutral

The fundamental formula to be carbon neutral is:

Carbon neutral = carbon footprint minus carbon offsets

EcoProfit make it easier than ever to offset your carbon emissions and become carbon neutral, scroll down and use the free calculator to calculate your carbon emissions for the year, and then purchase any carbon offset of your choice.

What do ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘carbon offsets’ mean?

A carbon footprint is the measure of tonnes of CO2 (or CO2 equivalent of other greenhouse gases) a person or organisation emit into the atmosphere in a year (for example, car emissions). They can then decide to either remove those emissions, or fund the prevention of new emissions through buying carbon offsets, and becoming carbon neutral.

Why choose EcoProfit?

There has been much conjecture recently about the value of carbon offsetting with many arguing that it is akin to the use of indulgences to remove peoples’ souls from the eternity of hell. At Ecoprofit, we have a different perspective.

When buying carbon offsets, the main things to look for are:

  • Are the people or groups running the carbon offset program honest and reputable?
  • Does the offset program fit with your organisation’s operational profile?
  • Is additionality a key component of the offset program, or is it just a good business deal?
  • Is permanence a key component of the offset program e.g. if it is growing trees, how do I know they will last?

Ecoprofit ensures the above factors exist in any offsets we sell. We guide our customers through the whole process, with an emphasis on instilling a sound understanding of how the process is going to help the environment and our customers’ business operations.

Uniquely, Ecoprofit has a not-for-profit arm called Sunshine Project for Community Inc to which $1 is donated for each offset sold. Please click here to see the success we have had so far in raising money for community not-for-profits to fund renewables options for them.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Welcome to our free carbon footprint calculator, each section of the calculator is completely optional, so if you are only interested in finding out how much carbon is produced from a certain section of your footprint then you only need to fill out that section. Results are automatically displayed at the bottom of the calculator!

Buy Carbon Offsets!

One tonne of carbon emissions is equal to one carbon offset, and you round up any decimal.

You can now choose which project(s) you want to buy carbon offsets in.