EcoProfit Share Watch

Share Watch is a weekly post for green investors. It was founded on the basis that, in order to avoid catastrophic climate change, investors, businesses and organisations would be needed as active participants to promote the direction of investment towards renewables, energy efficiency, regenerative agriculture and waste reduction options. It is the business world that can lead the way in delivering the technology we need to reduce carbon emissions to meet an ever-closing window of continuing habitable life on earth.

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Everlution Blog

The Ecoprofit Blog is devoted to discussing issues related to the ever increasing ecological footprint of human beings. If we have the determination, we can reduce that footprint, even with more population and more affluence. But we have to get going as our species is irreversibly altering the climate that has been stable for the last 600,00 years. To do this, humans are cutting down 747 square kilometres of forest globally each day. A species of plant or animal is becoming extinct every minute of the day and the oceans are drowning in plastic. Critically, we are pumping out 36 gigatonnes of carbon emissions globally, when we need to be down to 25 gigatonnes if we want to keep warming to no more than 2 degrees celsius. However we have the technology to overcome all these issues.