EcoProfit offer a number of courses designed to assist clients develop carbon and energy management systems, net zero strategies, carbon offset positioning and climate disclosure systems, all in the context of their workplace.

All courses are facilitated as face-to-face online zoom classes. The class dynamic is helpful as part of the learning process and the added bonus is that participants have the opportunity to develop contacts from all parts of the globe. In-person classes can be arranged, especially for corporate training.

“It was very enlightening to undertake and complete the CTI carbon offset course, conducted by Ecoprofit. It enabled me to understand the structure of the carbon markets on a level that I can usefully apply in my work. Most importantly, it gave me the knowledge and clarity to begin adapting our organisation to a new thinking around carbon.”

Matthew Dawson, North Central Catchment Management Authority

“The Net Zero Strategy Course uncluttered the whole subject for me and showed me how to implement its structure successully into the businesses of my clients.”

Phil Sheridan, Managing Director of CarbZero

“The Strategic CM Course facilitated by Winton Evers has simplified the complexity of carbon management and assisted me greatly in establishing a system to keep up to date with the ever evolving carbon industry.”

Kuntal Goswami, Research Gate
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