Carbon Accounting/Offsets

$1,650.00 Incl GST


This course combines the content of the Carbon Accounting and the Carbon Offsets courses into one program that will help you develop the technical knowledge and business skills critical to set your organisation on a path to net zero.

For more detail of course content, please read the individual course descriptions of the Carbon Accounting and Carbon Offsets courses.

The course will take you through:

  • The technical background to carbon footprinting
  • Global warming potential and emissions scopes
  • Accounting methodologies
  • Overcoming data collection pitfalls
  • Reporting; voluntary & compliance
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Capturing business benefits from intelligence tools
  • What offsets represent
  • How offsets work within a market-based response to climate change
  • Who the carbon players are
  • The various project types of carbon offsets
  • Carbon standards
  • Methodologies
  • Carbon offset project development cycle
  • Trading in carbon offsets
  • Distinguishing between carbon offsets and carbon permits
  • Pricing offsets
  • How to select offsets
  • How to source offsets


Students undertaking the course receive:

  • A structured program of delivery that meets strict accredited workforce training standards
  • A learner guide complete with course materials case studies, toolkits & assessment tasks
  • Classroom facilitation from industry experienced instructors
  • Free access to a commercial grade carbon accounting tool for the duration of the course

* Eligibility subject to successfully completing the assessment requirements of the course


More Information

$1,650 incl GST for the Online Course, and Face to Face course fees negotiated.

Online mode course is 8 x weekly sessions of 1.5 hours each session

Face to Face Classroom mode length: 4 Days

Participants wishing to gain a Statement for this course will need to complete a series of workbooks and undertake formal assessment.  Students will have 30 days from completing their class attendance component of the course to commence their assessment for a Statement.

Course Pre-requisites: None

For more information, please send your request to Winton Evers at, 0400232200



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