Youth for Our Planet

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To all young people, reduce your 2020 carbon footprint by offsetting the carbon emissions generated from your social and educational activities.

The?Youth for Our Planet package is a simple way for young adults to offset their personal carbon emissions for a year. The package includes 5 carbon offsets acquired through the UN Clean Development Mechanism program.

$4 from each?Youth for Our Planet?package sold is donated to Sunshine Project for Community Inc. That money will be applied to one of the Sunshine Projects, the current one being a 7kW solar system for the not-for-profit, Gateway Family Services, Blaxland. This organisation is being swamped by families needing emotional or financial support and guidance.

Your gift will also help fund a 10-megawatt biomass power plant Ludhiana district of Punjab state in India, managed under the auspices of the United Nations. This biomass energy project will generate electricity (instead of using coal) by combusting organic matter, rice husks and crop residues.

By buying this package you do so in the knowledge that you have eliminated four tonnes of tour personal carbon emissions and helped people struggling in Australia and in India.

Buyers receive a donation certificate from Sunshine Project for Community Inc, an official certificate from the UN Clean Development Mechanism and?Youth for Our Planet?carbon neutral stickers (electronic and hardcopy).



Demand is growing among the ranks of the youth for politicians to show dynamic leadership on the climate change issue. In the meantime, young adults want to enjoy living their lives utilizing the activities available to them in our society. Many of these activities involve the generation of carbon emissions.

The rationale for including 5 offsets in the package comes from the calculation of carbon emissions of the normal day-to-day activities of a student enrolled in tertiary studies. It includes carbon emission presumptions from twelve different sources including travel (train & bus), text & phone use, internet server emissions from email & social media etc, internet server emissions from streaming & music, plastic water bottle use, other plastic use, embedded emissions in alcohol & coffee, electricity consumption, gas consumption, paper use (including toilet paper), waste and finally, the carbon emissions on campus of their education.

It does not include carbon emissions from motor vehicles or airline travel, or embedded emissions in food. We can purchase extra offsets for these purposes if required.

Based on our calculations (with adopted assumptions of lifestyle), the average student is responsible for 4.67 tonnes of CO2-e per annum. Hence 5 carbon offsets will offset their annual day-to-day living impact.


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